easyGateway's FAQ

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What's easyGateway?

This application software allows you to manage and control your access world through Internet connection, wherever you are.

Which VNC server (remote device) is recommended?

As far we know, TightVNC is the most efficient VNC server for Windows. But TigerVNC can also do the job.

Which VNC client (viewer device) is recommended?

A client is not mandatory, you can use the web access.
The client has less incidence on the performance. We also recommend TightVNC or TigerVNC.

What is the difference between client access and web access?

The client access has better performance and allow file transfer but it requires a software installation.
You can use the web access on all platforms that have internet access (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.) directly in the web browser.

How to transfer a file between two devices?

Actually, the file transfer is only supported in client access mode with Windows and TightVNC on both sides (remote and viewer).
You need to use the button on the top because drag and drop is not working.

Which VPN client is recommended?

We advise you Openvpn for Windows and Tunnelblick for macOS.

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